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** More than 170,000 users and 350,000 apps rely on App Annie to track their stats **

“Great app for a great service, thank you!” – Tim Wachter

“Excellent. If you make or manage apps why wouldn’t you want this?!” – Belina Chance

The first mobile app to allow publishers to track their app market data, across multiple stores.

App Annie Analytics offers a powerful, streamlined and intelligent solution to manage your publisher app data. Safe access to your app data is available whenever and wherever you want it.

Our app dashboard allows you to see your app revenues, downloads, updates and ratings trends at a glance.

Reports and charts enable you to instantly visualize your:
Downloads & revenues – flick between download and revenue graphs for each of your apps in our sales panel, pinpointing exact moments for upward or downward trends

In app purchases – scroll down the sales panel to reveal a revenue breakdown for each of your available in-app purchases

Regions – track your worldwide popularity with data available for 155 nations by selecting our countries panel

Reviews – the 100 most recent reviews are available in the reviews panel, allowing instant feedback on app updates and customer satisfaction

Ratings – a country-by-country breakdown of your star ratings in the ‘ratings’ panel providing focus for business development

Rank history – your progress is illustrated with temporal graphs for both download and grossing numbers

To access App Annie Analytics, please register your account for free at www.AppAnnie.com, and connect an app store publisher account.

App Annie Analytics
App Annie Analytics
App Annie Analytics
App Annie Analytics
App Annie Analytics